Video: Mendeley presentation at the Next '09 conference in Hamburg

Here’s my recent talk at the Next ’09, where we were part of the start-up session (the Mendeley presentation starts at the 10:40 mark). Watching myself on video makes me cringe, so I can’t tell you whether it’s any good. At least one guy thought it was, fortunately. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Video: Mendeley presentation at the Next '09 conference in Hamburg

  1. i´m so happy that i´ve found your software.
    and yes, it´s a great talk and best software/concept from these three!!!
    do you think to incorporate with papers which is nearly the same for mac?

    go ahead! you´re great!

  2. Heh. Thanks for the link. Indeed it was a great talk. I wonder if the folks there knew what they were witnessing.

  3. hey victor,

    dont be to decent, your presentation was great and you have the best product.
    I discovered your product recently and I want to thank you and the team from Mendeley to make it very easy to import Journal Articles in the database linking them directly to the document on my harddrive.
    Keep up the good spirit.
    I m trying to convince many more users here at the political science department of the University in Munich to use Mendeley.

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