Mendeley Web redesign goes live

If you knew the old site, you’ll certainly have noticed already! The main color used to be dark blue with some red-brownish hues. Our goal with the redesign was to make it brighter, airier and less cramped, with the main colors being silver-grey and deep red. We also added better explanations and illustrations of what Mendeley actually is and does!

Here’s the new homepage (the screenshot is actually matched to each visitor’s OS – e.g. if you’re using Linux, the screenshot will show Mendeley Desktop on Ubuntu):

New Mendeley homepage

And here’s the new “How it works” page, which replaces our old “Tour” page.


The redesign isn’t completely finished yet – we’ll be updating many more parts of the site soon, while also adding new features. Please let us know if you catch bugs or design niggles we’ve missed!

What do you think of the new look? Is it pretty enough to want to make you kiss your screen?

11 thoughts on “Mendeley Web redesign goes live

    • Thanks for your comment, Andrey! Very interesting. The only other negative comment so far has been that it’s “too red”, so we’ll be looking to tone that down a bit. Can you pinpoint what makes it look “fragile” or “unfinished” to you?

  1. The default font is too small especially compared to the size of the headings. Most people don’t care about it since they can increase the font size by just Ctrl+
    And when you do that there appear problems – most of the text doesn’t fit in the boxes designed for it, like “Organize” and “What people are saying” on the main page.

    You should never fix the height of the blocks, it should rather adjust to the amount of content. To make such blocks of equal height just use clear:both for the following element (e.g. Next button or even the whole following DIV with text).

    Other than that the design is nice overall, looks trendy (a la web2.0) and the information architecture is much more better taken care of than in previous one.

  2. It s really pretty the new webpage! Also, more professional. However, in the “How it works” section, I miss a view about the integration of Mendeley with text processors. I guess until you can develop a full integration system woth Word and OpenOffice, platform-independent, you shouldn’t explain this feature in the page.
    I think the page is pretty awesome, but I rather prefer that you focus in improving the integration with Word, specially for mac users. Congratulations!

  3. hey guys, we discovered mendeley some times ago and used it a lot at the LSE and think other students would love it. except there are no ads nor any notices about your service on uk campuses. you all probably have graduated from uk unis and are maybe already in touch with some of them….but if not, some banners on campuses would most likely increase your audience a lot. unis should be willing to cooperate with you.

    just some thoughts, u know =)

    p.s. and for the future, it would be absolutely great if you had all articles from all journals in a database and students with access could download them. its such a hassle to go to streetwise etc every time you find some useful reference…

    free ideas, haha

  4. Find red far too bright to read comfortably so would really appreciate an alternative softer (perhaps blue) colour scheme. That is easy to do but the other problem is that web2.0 look (which is now well past its sell by date) that pixel sizes everything and ignores fact that many people like larger text sizes.

    Your functionality looks really interesting but the visual design of the interface really puts me off.

    • Thank you for your comment, Lucy. We’ll look into alternative color schemes and see what we can do about font sizes!

  5. Ha, yes, I liked it as well! But there were too many Mendeley members shown on the map to be displayed efficiently, too many small blue pins – we are working on an alternative/improved way of showing where Mendeley’s members are located.

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