Mendeley's new algorithm analyzes research behavior

Our team of coders have been working extremely hard to produce accurate and enlightening statistical results based on Mendeley usage and reading habits.

We are quite proud to announce a brand-spanking-new algorithm that analyzes not only the metadata extracted from the papers read by Mendeley users, but also research habits based on their interaction with Mendeley Desktop/Web.

This newly developed system has been named AGraSBAS – Automated Graduate Student Behavior Analysis System. We are currently in the process of patenting this groundbreaking technology.

The image embedded in this post presents preliminary results that we are pleased to showcase before implementing the algorithm live on our services.


Based on some of the replies from our AGraSBAS beta-testers, the complex algorithm produces results with incredible accuracy.

Paulo Nuin from Cold Town, Canada said the following:

“Not even my girlfriend knew that I recycled (aka reuse!) tea bags. I’ve mastered this technique and my guests rarely notice a difference. I don’t know how, but AGraSBAS got it right!”

Other statistics such as “Number of papers uploaded to Mendeley and NEVER read”, “Abstract/Full Paper reading ratio” and “Scroll speed”  have been quite interesting to look at.

In the hope of providing the academic research community with the best statistical information, we are very proud to have produced AGraSBAS.

We are keen to hear your opinions as soon as the system goes live. Stay tuned…

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  1. I never not said that about tea bags. You’re going to talk to my lawyer.


    PS: Cold Town is quite warm nowadays.

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