Mendeley Desktop v0.6.4 beta coming soon, work on v0.7.0 started already

Just to give you a quick update on our development. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to release an updated version of Mendeley Desktop last week as originally thought. There were some stability issues on Mac OS 10.5.6 when importing a large number of documents through folder monitoring. We thought we better fix this now since it’s one of the first things many users will do when starting to use Mendeley Desktop. It turned out not to be that easy though since it only happened on Mac OS Leopard only and the bug was well hidden deep down in the internals of the app.

Anyway, it’s fixed now and QA is doing its best to make sure that there are no regressions in the new version and everything works as expected. Here is preview of some of the things that will change in v0.6.4:

Improvements to Existing Features:
  • Full text search is now available for PDF files attached to documents manually or downloaded from Mendeley Web
  • Word plugin is now much faster with documents that have a large number of citations
  • Export issue, DOI, URLs and several other fields to Bibtex
  • Export file links to Bibtex
  • Import tags (‘links’) from EndNote XML
  • When importing documents which are already in your library, add the existing documents to the current group
Bug Fixes
  • Fix HTTP proxy support
  • Fix possible ‘UUID Clash’ error when syncing
  • File organiser forgot the root folder after Mendeley Desktop was restarted
  • Allow files to be removed from documents after they have been uploaded to Mendeley Web
  • Files were re-downloaded on each sync if they contained characters which are not permitted in file names
  • Fixed problem where organiser would re-process the same files several times
  • Bibtex exporter could generate invalid citation key names
  • Fix auto-complete in manual document entry dialog
  • Metadata form would sometimes prompt for the user to save changes twice
  • Fix possible ‘XML POST’ error when importing documents containing XML entities in the notes field

For v0.7.0 we will continue working on metadata extraction, focus more on the interface and usability as well as try to include the often asked for internal PDF viewer. There are still some cross-platform issues to solve with the PDF viewer but we’re confident that we will have something ready to ship for v0.7.0.

2 thoughts on “Mendeley Desktop v0.6.4 beta coming soon, work on v0.7.0 started already

  1. I am really pleased with the version 0.6.4. With the previous version I had some issues with some pdf files. For some reason they were not downloaded/synchronized to my computer (the pdf icon was green forever). Now the issue is solved.
    Keep up the good work.

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