Translation support in 0.6.3

In Mendeley Desktop 0.6.3, we’re planning on adding support for community translations – this means that you can make it so that Mendeley Desktop uses your favourite language!

To do this:

  1. Install Qt Linguist – this is included with Qt, or available standalone for Windows and OSX.
  2. Download the translatable text in Mendeley Desktop.
  3. Open the file with Qt Translator, and translate the text.
  4. Email us the .ts file, and we’ll look at how to distribute it to other Mendeley users.

5 thoughts on “Translation support in 0.6.3

  1. And I think the first person to do a Klingon translation should get a free Mendeley t-shirt!

    Come to think of it, anybody who does any translation should get a free Mendeley t-shirt…

  2. Hey there, great idea (though all scientific literature is english anyway nowadays^^) – but maybe a list of requests/actual people working on a specifc language would be nice? I could only provide a german translation and don’t know if there is either need or indeed already 20 ppl working on it…

  3. You can check how many users from Germany already use Mendeley.
    I guess that ~1% of them will be willing to make a translation.

  4. For those who are interested in contributing to translations: for the time being we’ve postponed our translation efforts but please do still drop me an email on – I will take note and contact you should we pick up on that again!

    Many thanks!

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