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    • Hi Alexey,

      no, at the moment, auto-extraction of metadata is only available in Mendeley Desktop. But we’re working towards giving Mendeley Web the same functionality that is available on the desktop – auto-extraction, full-text search, viewing references, import/export, and we’ll also integrate a PDF viewer.


  1. Hi !

    If I look to the screen shot above in the right pane, next to “Details” and “Notes” tab there is a “References” tab showing auto extracted references. I am using latest stable version of Mendeley Desktop ( and I do not see that tab. Is it a feature that will be available in another release (or maybe it was taken out). I tried to find it even looking within setting options but I could not find it.

    Thank you for your response !

  2. We had to remove the references tab some time ago to do some bugfixes, but I hear that it’s coming back very soon.

  3. Thank you for your response. I had the curiosity o open the local database that Mendeley is using to store the data and I found out that there is a table intended to store the references and therefore I hope that the functionality will be back. I think it will also be nice that references point to existing documents that were already imported within the system(and not create a new item). At the end it would be possibly nice to see a dependency graph that would help people to see who is citing who and how a certain idea was developed over time.

    Once again thank you !

  4. Alex – Yes, the references tab is currently being tested so that we can bring it back with full functionality and you’ll also be happy to know that out analytics team is currently exploring useful visualizations such as citation graphs and tag trends which I hope we can make available soon.

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