CiteULike and Mendeley collaborate

citeulike-and-mendeleyGreat news, everyone: Today we’d like to announce a collaboration between CiteULike and Mendeley!

How will this collaboration look, you ask? Let’s see where we’re starting from:

CiteULike is a browser-based tool which lets you bookmark research papers online and import the corresponding metadata into your public CiteULike account. Mendeley, on the other hand, develops desktop software which creates your personal library database by automatically extracting metadata and cited references from the research papers on your hard drive. You can then manage and full-text search your papers, back them up online, share them with colleagues, and create bibliographies.

What we will do is make our systems interoperable: If you have an account both on CiteULike and on Mendeley, you will be able to synchronize data between your two accounts. Your CiteULike account will show up as a “Document Group” in our Mendeley Desktop software, thus making your CiteULike metadata available to you in a desktop interface – from where you can manage them offline or insert citations and bibliographies into Microsoft Word, for example. Likewise, by dragging & dropping metadata from your Mendeley Library into the CiteULike “Document Group”, the metadata will be uploaded to your web-based CiteULike account.

CiteULike and us had started to talk about such an integration late last year, and now we’ve begun the necessary back-end work, too. Unfortunately we can’t give you a due date yet, but we’ll keep you posted as things progress! Did I say that we’re very excited about this? ‘Cause we are!

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  1. This would be very cool and useful! Looking forward to sync and use both CiteULike and Mendeley.

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