Member Location Map

Here at Mendeley the web team have been so busy improving the website and adding new features that we forgot to tell you about them! Just before Christmas we added a new member location map which shows you where all of our members are located around the world (or at least those that have entered their location information).


You can click on any of the markers to see how many Mendeley members are at that location. A quick look at the map shows that the majority of our current users are based in the US and Europe. If you haven’t entered your location details on your profile page yet make sure you do so that you get counted on the map! Here are the current numbers for a few big cities:

  • London: 21 members
  • Berlin: 10 members
  • New York: 7 members
  • Paris: 5 members
  • Madrid: 3 members


You also have the option to see who the members at a selected location are. If you take a look at London you’ll see most the of the Mendeley staff!


We’ve got lots of new features and general improvements on the way that should be with you soon, including improved profile search, online library updates, and article pages. We’ll be sure to let you know about them when they’re ready, but in the mean time you can check out the map page.