Mendeley 0.6.2 Released!

Just over a month after the release of Mendeley Desktop 0.6.1 we’ve got another release ready for you! In this release we’ve made the desktop client much more stable and addressed a number of bugs that were present in 0.6.1. This should make the whole Mendeley experience more pleasurable!

It isn’t just the desktop client that has been updated. The website also includes a number of changes, including improved statistics, a new invite feature and a number of layout changes.

The main desktop client changes include:

  • Added an invite link to the main menu – if you find Mendeley useful, please help us to spread the word
  • Added automated back-ups before doing a complete re-sync
  • Added an “Ungrouped” document group which shows all documents that have not been added to any group
  • The list of document groups is now sorted alphabetically
  • Some minor metadata extraction improvements. arXiv papers are now handled better
  • Introduced support for a wider range of DOIs
  • Bibtex export preserves the contents of the Notes field
  • After downloading a file attached to a document by clicking on the grey/green PDF icon, the downloaded file is now kept locally so that it does not need to be re-downloaded
  • Auto-completion is now available in the metadata edit dialog

As always we appreciate your feedback, so please do let us know if you have any problems or suggestions for improvement.

One thought on “Mendeley 0.6.2 Released!

  1. I have been trying various betas of Mendeley on mac, but every one I’ve tried just crashed on launch (making sure that every time I deleted the application support and preferences files). Where can I submit a crash log ?

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