How to properly cite Alien Mind Transmissions

Our friend Vivek just shared this with me via Twitter: Newest Rulings on Alternative Source Citing. Might be old news, but it’s still kinda cute. Here’s an excerpt:

Alien Mind Transmissions

When citing telepathic transmissions from alien planets/spacecraft:

  1. Name the aliens who sent the message (if known).
  2. Identify the location of planet or craft.
  3. Identify the location where transmission was received.
  4. List the date the transmission was received.

Example: “Internal combustion vehicles are wasteful and evil. You must stand in the street and curse their drivers and occupants immediately.” [The Elders of Antares 7; A Ship Orbiting Saturn; Corner of Lawrence Avenue and Broadway, Chicago, IL: July 5,1989.]

It also has Rest-Stop Restroom Graffiti, Magic 8-Balls, Tattoos, and Epithets Hollered Out Car Windows.

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