Keyboard Wars

As a software engineer who spends the vast majority of each day sat at a computer a good keyboard is very important to me. I’m sure it is the same with many people who spend a lot of time typing. It’s certainly the case for the other Mendeley developers:

The Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 keyboard, favoured by many of the Mendeley developers

Some have the latest and greatest Microsoft ergonomic keyboards, others have fancy Logitech cordless keyboards that tell you how many keystrokes you’ve entered per day and all sorts of other useless statistics. One even has a keyboard that lights up in blue, red, purple or white!

Unfortunately until recently I was using the basic Dell keyboard that comes free with every Dell computer. Not a terrible keyboard by any standard, but certainly not in the same league as the Microsoft and Logitech keyboards that my colleagues were using. I was jealous! And I was worried that my inferior keyboard might be hindering my programmer productivity. This was Keyboard Wars, and it was time to get serious!

I trawled the web looking for the king of all keyboards. After reading lots of reviews I finally decided upon the Logitech DiNovo keyboard for Notebooks. I’ve no idea why the keyboard is marketed as “for notebooks”, as it works perfectly well with desktops too. There is also a DiNovo EDGE model which is supposed to be superior, but the lack of a numpad ruled it out for me.

My keyboard arrived a few months ago, and I absolutely love it. I couldn’t say for certain that my productivity has improved, but typing is certainly much more pleasurable now. And if I ever need to do a quick calculation I can press the “calculator” button, which instantly brings up the calculator application! That’s a feature I certainly didn’t have on my old Dell keyboard.

I don’t think there is a better keyboard in the whole of the Universe! Some of my colleagues disagree of course, saying they “don’t like the laptop like feel of it”, or that fact that “it’s not ergonomic”. It sounds like jealousy to me, because I’ve clearly won the Keyboard Wars!


The Logitech DiNovo for Notebooks. The best keyboard in the Universe? I think so!