Mendeley Desktop v0.6.1 released

This release is mainly a bug-fix release fixing the following problems:

  • Fixed various problems with synchronisation
  • Fixed automatic file-renaming
  • Fixed interface freezes during folder monitoring and file import
  • Fixed DOI lookup during automatic data extraction of PDFs
  • Fixed duplicate file import
  • Fixed filters view (bottom left of screen) showing all entries instead of entries specific to a group
  • Fixed File -> Export only exporting the last selected document instead of all selected documents
  • Fixed problems with migrating databases from Mendeley v0.5.9
  • Reduced pauses when working with folder monitoring tab in Preferences dialog
  • Created installation packages for Ubuntu and other distributions
  • Fixed various interface glitches
  • Improved tagging


  • If your library contains more than around 10,000 documents (including references) you might get an error while syncing. The local
    functionality of the client will continue to work.

Notes when updating from v0.5.9:

  • Windows only: After running the auto-update the actual installer starts when trying to run Mendeley again. After you have installed v0.6.0 Mendeley Desktop will be the new starting point.

Thanks a lot for all your feedback. If you experience any further problems please visit our feedback forum and we will try to help.

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