Donate your database to the migration cause!

As has been mentioned before, we’re currently hard at work on version 0.6 which is an almost total rewrite of the previous version. We’ve cleaned up the database structure to make it easier for us to maintain and add cool new features.

Of course, we want all your existing data to be kept totally intact. And here’s where you can help…

To help us ensure this goes smoothly, you can send us your mendeley.s3db database which you’ll find here:

  • Windows Vista:
    C:Users<Your Name>AppDataLocalMendeley LtdMendeley
  • Windows XP:
    C:Documents and Settings<Your Name>Local SettingsApplication DataMendeley LtdMendeley
  • Linux:
    /home/<your name>/.local/share/data/Mendeley Ltd./Mendeley/
  • MacOS:
    Macintosh HD -> Users/<your name>/Library/Application Support/Mendeley/

We’ll use the databases to test that data is migrated across successfully.

Please send your mendeley.s3db files to:


(If you don’t want to send us your data – that’s fine. After you upgrade to the new version it will transfer your data on your local machine. Right now, we’re just after data for testing.)