Mendeley Word plugin alpha 0.1 released

The very first steps towards a plugin for Microsoft Word are done and we thought we’d give you an early preview. It’s the first alpha and has some known bugs, but most of the time it does the job. 🙂

Known issues (which will be fixed in the next releases) are:

  • Large download filesize (14.4MB)
  • Several Microsoft run-time environments are being installed before the Word plugin is installed
  • The plugin will only work for the user who installed it
  • Removing documents from your Mendeley library which you have cited in your Word document causes blank citations
  • Standard undo doesn’t work as expected after Mendeley action (eg. changing the citation style of bibliography: undo changes back each entry one by one instead of all at once)

You can download the plugin on our download page. We would really appreciate your feedback and bug-reports to improve the plugin for our next release!

25 thoughts on “Mendeley Word plugin alpha 0.1 released

  1. […] Large download filesize (14.4MB); Several Microsoft run-time environments are being installed before the Word plugin is installed; The plugin will only work for the user who installed it; Removing documents from your Mendeley library … Mendeley Word plugin alpha 0.1 released […]

  2. Hi Thomas – the plugin for OpenOffice is planned and will definitely come (probably in late November/early December)! We’ll start working on it right after the Word plugin has been polished a bit more.

    Anders: Our Word plugin does everything the Zotero plugin does (but we tried to simplify the interface) – except for, in this alpha release, custom edits in the reference list. We didn’t collaborate with Zotero on the Word plugin because, as far as I know, their Word plugin is not open source?

    Update: My mistake – as Bruce D’Arcus has pointed out to me, Zotero’s Word plugin is indeed open source.

    • Hi Mike,

      thanks for the pointer! Our next Word plugin release (out next week with the new Mendeley Desktop release) will also be in VBA.


    • Hi Shane,

      yes, there are plans – but our first look into the issue seemed to suggest that we would have to completely rewrite our new VBA plugin in Python to make it work on Word for Mac. Perhaps I’m wrong; we’ll give it more attention after the next release (due at the beginning of next week). In any case, I unfortunately can’t give you an estimate yet!


  3. Please, please give us a plugin for OSX Pages / Word for mac – you have an amazing tool here and the ability to cite on the go on the mac would be great!


    John Paul

  4. Another request for a Mac Office plugin. Everything is perfect, save that one need.

  5. What, no Mac Word plugin! Just as i was about to start writing!

    That makes mendeley unusable for me which is too bad. was perfect otherwise.

    Seriously though, you might consider prioritising that. I’d say the mac users share among academics will be higher than usual. that’s a substantial minority you’re excluding.

  6. Also would love to know if you’re going to create a Mac OSX Word plugin – could you give us an update? Thanks!

  7. Hey guys, sorry for letting you wait for the Mac plugin for such a long time. All client developers are busy working on general bug-fixes, stability, and the overall performance of Mendeley Desktop at the moment. But it is definitely on our list with a high priority – we are planning to begin working on it around start/mid September. We’ll keep you posted.

  8. Hello,

    Has there been any progress on this?


    (admin could you please email me and let me know?)

  9. Please can we get an update on the progress for a macOS word plugin, since as you can see there are lots of people waiting for it, and I wouldn’t want to go back to EndNote or Reference Manager, just because of this one thing! We beg you to get one out asap – would make an awesome Christmas present!!!

  10. Any rough idea of timeframe for a mac/Word integration? Are we looking at days / weeks / months?

    Appreciate mac user aren’t a majority but this seems like a must have feature for a product like this.

    Otherwise A+

  11. Sorry for the delay of the Mac Word Plugin but there were quite a few issues with the other plugins cropping up which needed to be fixed first. There is no sense in having multiple plugins out there which are all too buggy to work with. But let me assure you that the Mac Plugin has high priority here and work on it has started.
    If everything works well we should have an alpha version out there in January – a late Christmas present so to say. If you want early access to it and help us shaping the way it works please send a message to saying that you would like to apply for “Mac Word Plugin Alpha Testing”. We really appreciate your help and patience.

  12. Happy to say we made very good progress and will release a first version shortly – hopefully next week. It’s still being tested internally.

  13. Is there a reason I can’t enter a citation via the citation key in the plugin? Also, I use ‘Alt-m’ to bring up the prompt, but can’t seem to hit ‘OK’ without the cursor. I can ‘tab’ over to it, but pressing ‘enter’ doesn’t do anything.

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