One step closer to v.0.6.0 – Mendeley Desktop v.0.5.9 released

Here at Mendeley we’re all working towards version 0.6.0 which will be our next major release in November with a focus on stability and scalability, many interface tweaks, and some nice new features. Version 0.5.9 is a step in this direction but is still based on the old codebase. It will be available via auto-update – if your are using Mendeley Desktop v.0.5.8 just start the application and it will automatically detect the update.

Version 0.5.9 has many bug fixes, some new features (e.g. PDF file renaming according to a chosen schema like “Author – Year – Title – Journal.pdf”), and it will hopefully be joined by an alpha version of a Word plugin in the coming days. See the complete change list below:

Change list:

  • New: Auto file renaming
  • New: Account usage dialog
  • Fix: Speedup opening of edit metadata dialog
  • Fix: Possible crash when clicking keep document button (Linux)
  • Fix: Size of edit metadata window
  • Fix: New documents not appearing if references dragged into my library
  • Fix: Possible crash when removing documents from online library
  • Fix: Crash when linking an image PDF to manually added metadata
  • Fix: Table view dragging not working properly
  • Fix: Initial position of edit metadata dialog
  • Fix: Reference list in table view
  • Fix: Possible crash when closing application if uploads or downloads are in progress
  • Fix: Changes to references not appearing immediately when closing edit metadata dialog
  • Fix: Problems with shared groups syncing
  • Fix: Position of shared group admin buttons in table view
  • Fix: Fix PDF being locked after metadata extraction (Windows)
  • Fix: Remove debugging output on startup (Linux)
  • Fix: Text color of deletion suggested text in table view
  • Fix: Tags, notes fields and reference list not being enabled when selecting documents in the library if Mendeley starts up in table view
  • Fix: Slight improvements of the citation style
  • Fix: Email automatically set for trac tickets
  • Fix: Reduced Mendeley power usage while idle