Putting the roof terrace to good use

We had comparatively nice weather (i.e., it didn’t rain) in London yesterday – so we seized the chance and organised a Mendeley team BBQ on the roof terrace of our office! Luckily for us, we didn’t set the building on fire, and no one fell off the roof. Here are some impressions:

Paul being happy while stealing plants for decoration:

Paul becoming even happier and pointing at things:

Smoke signals:

Pankaj, Steve and Falk discussing physics and metaphysics:

More happy Paul:

Julia, Aaron, Ben and Britton Street:

Ben apparently not moving as much as the others:


And just in case you’re thinking, “these kids should do less BBQs and more software updates”, we’ve got you covered! Tomorrow we’ll release Mendeley Desktop beta version 0.5.8 with plenty of bugfixes, speed and stability improvements. Happy Paul will blog about it in more detail.