The long night of bugfixing and other mysterious phenomena

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. I won’t be able to travel to the AMA Summer Conference. At this time tomorrow, I should have been at the beach of San Diego with Michael and Thorsten and a nice cold beer, but it was not to be. My cough from the viral infection hasn’t completely disappeared yet, and a weeks’ travel to California would have worsened it again… what a major bummer!

However, after a month of working from home, I have returned to the office. And as promised earlier, here’s a brief guided photo tour:

Exihibit A shows a room full of software engineers.  They occupy the west wing. They’re all so talented that they have little halos around their heads, but you can’t see them in this picture due to the backlight from the window. True story!

Exhibit B: The east wing. This is where we non-software engineers gather (notice the puny monitors and machines).

Our meeting room at lunchtime. Paul’s arm stretches out inconspicously, stealing someone’s food (or so I presume).

Our kitchen. Jan.. trying to sell me a coffee machine?!

Me in my corner, trying to take a break by hiding behind a book. Fittingly, it’s titled “Hidden Dimensions: The Unification of Physics and Consciousness“. Incredibly fascinating stuff! I’ll probably write about it on this blog later.

Outside our windows, enveloping darkness has settled in, and thus the long night of bugfixing has begun. I have witnessed a mysterious phenomenon: After dark, wherever large groups of software engineers congregate, large quantities of pizza boxes spontaneously materialize out of thin air.

2 thoughts on “The long night of bugfixing and other mysterious phenomena

  1. Interesting to see that Jan is eating all by himself while the rest of you is having lunch together in the group.

    But I guess it’s the fate of being the boss that makes one lonely …. or is it something else in Jan’s case ? 🙂

  2. Martin, you are not even almost right (except for the boss thing) – the truth is that Victor was sitting opposite of me. He just escaped this embarrassing situation by taking pictures…

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