Moving forward

The last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting. We moved offices just in time to have enough space for all the new people who have started working for Mendeley recently. They have been working hard to optimize the software architecture, databases, interfaces, integration and usability of Mendeley Web and Mendeley Desktop.

Some of you are probably wondering why you haven’t received an invitation code yet. Well we have been working non-stop on many new features and we can’t wait to release them; so we’d rather hold off the invitations until we can present you our shiny new version. Also some major refactoring work has been done in the last weeks so we want to ensure that the version we give out is working as perfectly as possible.

Just to give you a short teaser of stuff to come…

  • Linux and MAC versions of Mendeley Desktop
  • Auto-installer of updates
  • Shared Groups (working on tags and notes of articles collaboratively)
  • Improved synchronization interface of Mendeley Desktop
  • Publication handling in Mendeley Web
  • Re-design and usability improvements of various areas of Mendeley Web
  • Personal statistics of your library
  • Speed improvements

Although there is still a reasonable amount of bugfixing left, we are trying our best to not keep you waiting too long…  as you can see, there is a lot to look forward to! 🙂