Last Thursday, after a long day at the office, the three Mendeley founders took it upon themselves to make a trip to IKEA, as we needed to select furniture for our new office. Here are a few impressions.

On the tube, around 9.30pm. Still hopeful, reviewing the floor plans:

Me, yawning and sneezing and coughing, all at the same time. I was tired and already had a cold. And we were waiting for the bus. Around 10pm.

The bus to IKEA wasn’t coming. Instead, rain. Smiles somewhat forced.

We made it to IKEA. It’s already past 11pm. What’s the cheapest way of storing food (or cans of paint) in the office kitchen? Ivar, 49 Pounds.

Trying to find the odd plant or two to grace our future meeting room. Close to midnight. IKEA employees already trying to shoo us out of the store.

1am. The last tube was gone, and the night bus dropped us off in the middle of nowhere. That’s when we stopped taking pictures.

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  1. It is! The iPhone was the only thing that gave me hope during those bleak hours.

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