What we forgot to say..

Some of our beta testers have thankfully pointed out to us that we forgot to mention a tiny, yet important, detail: Currently, Mendeley Desktop only runs on Windows. Sincerest apologies to those Mac and Linux users who downloaded our software only to discover that their operating system was not yet supported!

We feel a little stupid now for not having communicated this before – a classic case of overlooking the obvious. However, we are working hard on porting the code to run properly on Linux and Mac OS X and other architectures. In the meantime, you can run Mendeley Desktop on these platforms using a virtual machine (such as Parallels or VMware) or by using the free Wine (on Linux) or Darwine (on Mac OS X) which do not require a virtual machine or a Windows license.

5 thoughts on “What we forgot to say..

  1. At least there is a proper workaround πŸ˜‰ so let’s start testing

  2. Really nice idea… Not only for porting the application, but also for the application itself. Unfortunately, will have to wait to test it until the GNU/Linux version is out there (pretty old machine to play around with virtual machines or wines’s cups πŸ˜‰ )

    I have a question, have you ever thought about the license with which you are going to distribute the software? It would be soooo nice that such a great idea (already proven with that awesome video) was delivered with a GNU/GPL license!

    From somebody trying to research πŸ˜‰

  3. Hello Ruben,

    thanks for your nice comment – glad you like the idea! Unfortunately, we can’t (because of some libraries we’re using) release the software under an open source license, at least not right away πŸ™‚

    However, there are some FOSS enthusiasts among us, so the GPL is definitely an option for the future!

  4. Hi there,

    has anybody managed to run Mendeley under Mac OS X 10.5 with Intel Core Duo?

    UnfortunateIy Darwin provides no package for Mac OS X 10.5 so far – as far as I’ve understood.

    Please let me know if there is a possibility.

    A “HOW TO” with step-by-step instructions for the workaround or with Terminal code would be fine as well.

    Many thanks in advance and take care!;-)

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