One fine day…

Save the developersToday was one of these days you dedicate to fixing front-end bugs and make elements of your website look good in the most popular browsers. And again, it turned into one of these days when you just pray that, on some beautiful day, everyone gets rid of the heavily outdated and terrible Internet Explorer 6. I think I’m speaking for many developers when I say that we feel absolutely tortured by having to fix all these little things just for IE 6, just because it’s not able to do standard things or displays them differently than every other browser. Please… if you are using IE 6, have a heart and follow this link! It’s for your own good!!

Current and future locationsEven though the process of working on these tweaks is painful – the result is sheer beauty! 🙂 Today it was all about the “Current & Future Locations” feature of our site, and there are just one or two tweaks missing till it’s done. With this feature, you can add locations to your profile and let others know where you are going to be in the future. For example, attending a conference overseas, giving a guest lecture, or studying abroad. Entering locations here will inform your network about your travels in their “Profile Updates” feed. If only getting accepted at a conference was that easy…

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