Office evolution

Mendeley officeFor everyone who is looking for office space in London at the moment: There are those places which don’t cost a fortune and aren’t as tiny as a broom closet, but they are very hard to find. Keep on looking…

The first office we got here in London was a nice little room with a big table and four chairs. It looked very much like a kitchen (perhaps because it was my kitchen). Since I was the first of us three founders living here, my flat was our London base in the early days of Mendeley when we were all living in different cities.

But it got better. Prior to Mendeley I was doing some freelance work for a company called Oil Internet Ltd. who have their office in a lovely building in Covent Garden. I had my own little desk there and became good friends not only with my colleagues from Oil but the rest of the people in the house. As we started to look for an office for Mendeley, there was a room about to become available on the top floor. Not only had this place charm and a great atmosphere, but also would we share the building with lovely people such as a famous Italian chef who quotes Ringelnatz in fluent German and a famous comedian from Monty Python. By the way Michael – I still agree with the young lady from Meissen and put up a new sign. 😉

So we got the room and – with equipment and telephone/ internet connection in place already, we had no administrative work to do – could focus on the job right away. Just want to use this post to say thanks again for this opportunity.

Now that we are outgrowing our room we started looking for new office space. As I said there is lots available but if you want the perfect place in a good location you have to put some effort into your search. But this is a different story that’s going to be told in its own post…

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