Long nights in London

Some news, but no academic content in this post – it’s just about the real and hard life of a start-up called “Mendeley” and the long nights of the founders. Be advised: sad pictures inside…

Well, the good news first: We are really close to the next stage of Mendeley – soon you will be able to apply for an invitation code to sign up and try Mendeley beta!

Long Nights in London - Paul

The bad news: That really makes our nights long.

Long Nights in London - Victor

It’s now 1.30 am, and it’s not the first time I can recognize this time on our office clock… We probably all know that this is start-up life. It makes me think of the good old days back in my business school, when we were sitting together with a small group of students to work on case studies or study for the exam next day.

Long Nights in London - Jan

But we are really excited about Mendeley and about building something useful for the academic community, and we are making huge progress. And the feedback we got until today keeps us pushing even more. We hope you will like the result!

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