Citation Style Refresh

We have updated the citation styles available in Mendeley Desktop from the main repository for CSL styles.  This adds 514 new citation styles and includes updates to many others.  You can browse and update styles from within Mendeley Desktop by going to View -> Citation Style -> More Styles.  Updated styles will have a blue ‘Update Available‘ label next to them. Click on the style and then click ‘Update Now‘ to install the updated citation style.

If you have developed new citation styles and you want to make them available to Mendeley users, please submit them to the CSL repository.

Mendeley Desktop 1.1 Preview

A preview release of Mendeley Desktop 1.1 is available.  This release includes several performance improvements in the Microsoft Word plugins alongside a number of stability and usability enhancements.

You can download the preview from the right-hand side of the downloads page.

You can give us feedback on this release in the feedback forum, the comments in this post or via our support form.

  • Improved the performance of inserting citations and refreshing documents using the Word plugins (these mostly benefit the Microsoft Word for Windows plugin, but there have also been improvements to the Mac Word plugin).
  • Pressing the ‘Delete’ key now removes the selected document from the current collection, instead of moving it to the trash. Pressing Shift+Delete moves the document to the trash and Ctrl+Shift+Delete removes it completely.
  • Folders in the left-hand pane are now collapsed on startup.
  • When a pair of documents are marked as not being duplicates in the ‘Check for Duplicates’ tool, that decision is remembered on the computer on which it was made.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem which could allow multiple copies of Mendeley to run at once.
  • Fixed Bibtex sync not updating the corresponding Bibtex files when documents are added to or removed from folders.
  • (Mac) Reduced watched folders resource usage and fixed crash when watching a folder containing a large number of sub-folders.
  • (Windows) Fixed Mendeley not being able to close Word automatically when needed on 64bit Windows.


  • There are no compatibility changes from the previous release.  In the event of problems with the 1.1 preview, you can revert back to 1.0.

Mendeley Desktop 1.0 Preview Update

We are getting closer!  An updated version of the Mendeley Desktop 1.0 Preview (1.0-dev3) is available.  It can be downloaded from the bottom of the downloads page or via automatic update from Mendeley Desktop 1.0-dev2.

This update includes many bug fixes, including fixes for the de-duplication tool and the Mac Word plugin.  For the full run-down, please see the release notes.

Thank-you to all the eager users who have tried the previous preview and given us feedback.  This preview is expected to be very similar to the final release, so please let us know if you encounter any problems.

Mendeley Desktop 1.0 Development Preview Released

Update: The final version of Mendeley Desktop 1.0 is now available from the downloads page or via the in-client auto-update from Mendeley Desktop 0.9.9 and later. Thank-you to everyone who helped test this release.

A preview of Mendeley Desktop 1.0 is available for testing on Windows, Mac and Linux.  The preview can be downloaded from the bottom of the Mendeley Desktop downloads page.  Before trying out this preview, please read the compatibility notes at the bottom of this post.

In this update, we have implemented some of the improvements most frequently requested by users in support emails and from our feedback forum.

We appreciate your feedback on this preview.  You can leave comments on this blog post or in our feedback forum.

Find and Merge Duplicate Documents

  • Mendeley Desktop now has a tool which you can use to tidy up your library and merge duplicate documents.  To find duplicates in your library, go to Tools -> Check for Duplicates.  Mendeley will then search through your library and present a list of duplicates that it finds, along with an indicator of how confident Mendeley is that a set of documents really are duplicates.

Sub-folders and Folders in groups

  • You can now organize your folders in a hierarchy.  To create a sub-folder, right click on a Folder and select ‘New Sub-Folder’.
  • Folders can now be used in groups.

PDF Viewer

  • The PDF viewer now remembers your last position and zoom/rotation settings when you close a tab and will restore them when re-opening a paper.
  • The notes list has been re-designed.  Notes now resize to fit their content and website addresses are now auto-converted to clickable links.
  • Viewing annotations across groups is now easier.  When viewing a PDF from one group, any notes or highlights added to the same paper in other groups you are currently a member of will also be shown.

File Organizer

  • The file organizer now archives files in a separate folder when the corresponding document is removed from Mendeley Desktop, reducing clutter in your file organizer folder.  There is also a Tidy Up tool in the file organizer preferences dialog to help you clean up existing organizer folders.
  • File organizer settings are now saved in your local database, so multiple users sharing the same login on a PC can have separate file organizer directories.

Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Plugins

  • The Microsoft Word plugin for Windows has a new look in Word 2007 and Word 2010, taking advantage of the extra space available in the ribbon.
  • Search in the citation editor is now incremental, rather than only updating when whole keywords are entered.
  • The Word and OpenOffice plugins now store a mini-library of cited publications inside your documents.  When updating a Word document, Mendeley Desktop can import citations from the Word document back into your Mendeley library if necessary (for example, if you cited a publication which has subsequently been removed from your library).
  • Various improvements have been made to citation formatting

Platform-Specific Improvements

  • Windows: A number of stability problems with the Microsoft Word plugin have been fixed.
  • Windows: The Mendeley Desktop installer and updater are now signed by Mendeley Ltd.
  • Mac: The window size no longer expands when many tabs are opened.
  • Mac: A number of Mac-specific crashes which occurred when importing or viewing certain PDFs have been fixed.
  • Linux: It is now easier to get Mendeley running on Fedora.  Mendeley also integrates better with the system look and feel.

Supported Platforms

Mendeley Desktop 1.0 requires Windows XP or newer on Windows, OS X 10.5 (Leopard) on an Intel Mac and Debian Lenny (or equivalent) and newer on Linux.  Macs running OS X 10.4 or PowerPC are no longer supported.

Backwards Compatibility

When Mendeley Desktop 1.0 is run, it will automatically backup your existing database and then upgrade it.  The backup will be saved to the archive directory in your Mendeley data folder.  If you wish to go back to an earlier version of Mendeley Desktop, you will need to either:

  • Copy your database from the archive directory into the main Mendeley data folder
  • Delete your local database and let Mendeley restore your data from the web

The file organizer settings are saved in your local database in Mendeley Desktop 1.0 and are not visible to earlier versions of Mendeley, which stored file organizer settings in a separate file or the registry on Windows.

Microsoft Word and Compatibility

Mendeley Desktop 1.0 can edit and update citations and bibliographies in Microsoft Word and documents that were originally created by earlier versions of Mendeley. However, earlier versions of Mendeley Desktop will not be able to update citations or bibliographies created with Mendeley Desktop 1.0.  This is a consequence of implementing the ‘travelling library’ feature and fixing a long-standing bug with the field types used for Mendeley’s citation and bibliography entries.


Mendeley Desktop 0.9.9 Released

Mendeley Desktop 0.9.9 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.  For existing users, you can get it by starting (or restarting) Mendeley Desktop and accepting the update prompt.

Highlights of this release:

  • The new citation editor introduced for Word on Windows in the previous release is now also available for users of and Microsoft Word for Mac.  There is no longer a need to go back to Mendeley to select a publication to cite.  Instead you can just click Insert Citation (or press Ctrl + Cmd (⌘) + I on Mac) and type in keywords from the title, authors or publication of the work you wish to cite.
  • Open Office


  • You can now export the sticky notes on a PDF as an annotation report in PDF format, with or without the content of the article itself.  When viewing a PDF in Mendeley, go to File -> Export PDF with Annotations.
  • Sharing PDFs with colleagues is now easier, whether they use Mendeley or not.  Select a document and click the ‘E-mail Documents’ button on the toolbar to send an article via email to one or more people.

In addition, there have been improvements to app startup time, citation formatting, RIS import, EndNote XML import/export and Linux desktop integration, plus bug fixes and stability improvements.

For more details, see the complete list of changes.

If you have a feature, change or bug fix that you particularly want to see soon, please visit our feedback forum and add your votes.

Ubuntu users: Mendeley Desktop 0.9.9 was released for Ubuntu/Debian last week.  Mendeley Desktop has been released today to fix crashes specific to the Ubuntu version that some users encountered when the file organizer was enabled.

Mendeley Desktop Released

Already live via auto-update since last week but we just wanted to let everyone know about this minor update which amongst other things improves the look and feel of the toolbar on Mac. It also addresses several problems with annotation syncing, problems installing the Word plugin on some systems and general stability.

Further user interface improvements are planned for the next release so rest assured that this is just the beginning. Here is the complete list of changes for this release:

New Features and Improvements
  • (Mac) Improved the look and feel of the toolbar on Mac.
Bug Fixes
  • (Windows) Fixed ‘Invalid procedure call’ error when working with some Word documents which contain Mendeley-generated citations.
  • Fixed several sporadic crashes related to the search and de-duplication features.
  • Fixed several sync errors which could occur when syncing annotations.
  • Fixed several crashes related to the Word/OpenOffice/Mac Word plugins.
  • Fixed several crashes related to the notification bar.
  • Fixed several crashes related to importing PDFs which are already in your library.
  • Fixed annotation creation times being displayed incorrectly in timezones outside of GMT.
  • Fixed sticky notes not being exported correctly via File -> Export with annotations.
  • Added a limit to the number of citations that are extracted from a single PDF and reduce the number of citations extracted with poor-quality metadata.
  • Reduced memory usage when handling large file attachments.
  • Fixed ‘LinkToMendeleyVba2.dll not found’ message on some Windows PCs.
  • Made database updates safer when installing new versions of Mendeley Desktop.
  • Fixed the problem where Document Details hide/show toggle in menu did not always work correctly.
  • Fixed sticky notes not being restored when restoring backups.
  • Fixed annotation syncing problems when file organizer is enabled
  • Fix a freeze during the ‘Downloading files’ syncing step.
  • Preserve author ordering correctly when importing from Zotero.
  • (Mac) Fixed crash when entering accented characters (eg. umlauts) in authors field in Document Details tab.
  • (Mac) Included more detailed information in crash reports sent from Mendeley Desktop.
  • (Mac) Fixed crash when importing some corrupted PDFs.
  • (Mac) Experimental support for international versions of Microsoft Word for Mac.
  • (Linux) Fixed README file being installed to /usr in Ubuntu version.

If you have suggestions for improvements please let us know by visiting the feedback forum at If you encounter any problems using Mendeley or have questions to ask please e-mail support.

Mendeley Desktop v0.9.5 Preview Update

Hello – I’d like to give you a quick update on Mendeley Desktop as we work our way towards a ‘1.0’ release.  We’ve been focusing on stability, making Mendeley easier to use and have improved collaborative working amongst other issues.  To get feedback on our work in progress, we publish ‘development preview’ versions every few weeks which contain features and bug fixes that will appear in the next official release.  If you would like to have an early look at what will be in the next version of Mendeley Desktop, you can download the latest development preview which is available on all platforms.  We would greatly appreciate any feedback, good or bad, that you have.  You can contact us about development releases by emailing Alternatively, you can use our feedback forums at (please mention which version you are using).

These preview releases have not been tested as carefully as our official releases, so we advise users to backup their databases before trying out development preview versions of the client using Help -> Create Backup… in Mendeley Desktop.

Highlights since the current official release (

  • User interface improvements (file-type specific icons for attachments, clearer wording in various messages, clearer progress information whilst the desktop is syncing with Mendeley Web, more keyboard shortcuts, fixed a problem where the right-hand Document Details pane could be hidden and it was not obvious how to show it again)
  • Improved support for concurrent updating of document details by users in shared groups.  Tags and keywords changes are now merged correctly and conflict resolution is improved.
  • Importer improvements.  File attachments are now imported from EndNote XML files, more document types and fields are supported by the Bibtex and RIS importers.  Mendeley is now able to guess the type of a file to import if it lacks the appropriate extension.
  • The full text of HTML attachments is now searchable.
  • Improved the stability of the file organiser and search features.
  • Added support for citation disambiguation and super/subscript citations in the Word and plugins
  • Faster bibliography generation and citation insertion in Word and
  • Many bug fixes and minor tweaks

For a complete list of changes since the previous development release and since the current stable release please see our release notes page.

Feedback and Support

If you have suggestions for improvements please let us know by visiting the feedback forum. If you encounter any problems using Mendeley or have questions to ask please email

Upcoming Features: Improved importers and folder monitoring

We have been working on improvements to the importing of information from your existing libraries and documents into Mendeley for our next release.  Highlights include:

Automatic import of PDF files from selected folders:

The feature most requested by our current Mendeley users is support for importing from whole folders (rather than having to select individual files) and automatically monitoring folders for new PDFs and any other format supported by Mendeley.

The next release will include this feature across all 3 platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Improved display of time since import:

In citation and table view, the time since a document was imported is now shown and you can now sort the document list by this field.  The ‘Recently Added’ folder now sorts by date added by default.

Smoother import:

The user interface is now more responsive during large import operations and the total import/automatic extraction progress is now shown in a single progress bar at the bottom of the screen.

Improved Bibtex import and export:

  • We now remember the citation key and document type from the imported Bibtex library and use it when exporting modified documents back to Bibtex, regardless of whether Mendeley has its own equivalent document type.
  • Better handling of the various author, editor and translator name formats supported by Bibtex
  • Support for cross-references and @string entries

Improvements to the RIS and EndNote importers and exporters:

Mendeley is now more tolerant in its input handling of these filetypes and is able to import documents to Mendeley and then export back to that format again with improved fidelity.

If you have any questions or comments about importing into or exporting data from Mendeley then let us know!