Reminder – Springtime Open Office this Friday!

This is just a quick reminder that our office will be open this Friday – the 23rd of April – from 6pm onwards. In case you haven’t seen our previous blog post, we’d like to invite users to come in, chat to us, share their feedback and suggest ways to make Mendeley better. We’ll also lay on some food and drinks to say thanks.

Mendeley office location

If you’re interested in coming along, send an email to:

Look forward to seeing you then!

Mendeley invites you to springtime ‘Open Office Friday’

Last September we hosted a very successful open office feedback session:

And we are happy to once again invite interested Mendeley users to join us for an ‘open office feedback session’ on Friday 23rd April at 6pm GMT in our London office. Come and drop by to have an informal chat with the Mendeley team and tell us – face-to-face – which features you’d like to see improved or added

We are on the Ground Floor, White Bear Yard, 144a Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5DF: Mendeley office location

The nearest tube/rail station is Farringdon and the 55 and 243 buses stop at Hatton Garden.

If you’re interested, please reply to us at:

As a thank you, we’ll be happy to provide some drinks and pizza!

We look forward to meeting you then!

Now it's your turn: Free-for-all Mendeley Webinars

After the recent Webinars for CGIAR, we are happy to announce two free-for-all Webinars open to the general public. On Tuesday (February 23rd, 5:00 pm GMT) and Wednesday (February 24th, 9:30 pm GMT) Victor Henning, our director and co-founder and William Gunn, Community Liaison will demonstrate Mendeley’s collaborative features. There will be time for a Q&A session as well as a chance for you to share your experiences with Mendeley. To join, just pick one of the two webinars and pop over to the registration page to sign up.

Sorry, registration for this Webinar is already closed.

Date: Tuesday, February 23rd 2010
Time: 5:00 pm GMT
Presenter: William Gunn

Sorry, registration for this Webinar is already closed.

Date: Wednesday, February 24th 2010
Time: 9:30 am GMT
Presenter: Victor Henning

You’re a Mendeley power-user already? Then why not share this info with your friends and colleagues that are still looking for a free tool to manage their references and papers? They’ll thank you…

Mendeley Webinars take us around the globe

Webinar ScreenshotLast week we hosted two Webinars for scientists and information professionals from the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), an international network of research institutions as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations. CGIAR is aiming to achieve sustainable food security and reduce poverty in developing countries using scientific research and research-related activities in the fields of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, policy, and the environment. We are always pleased to find out about new areas of research, and to see that many people are already using Mendeley. Over at CGIAR’s ICT and Knowledge Management Department, Mendeley is widely considered to be an “intuitive, easy-to-use tool for online reference management” – Thanks, Meena!

So how global is global, then? Looking at the attendees of last week’s webinars: very, very global! Mendeley is being used in so many diverse locations – there were CGIAR researchers, librarians, and knowledge management specialists from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Syria, the UK and the USA. And it’s great to see that we can help to make research easier.

We are planning to offer more webinars very soon. If you or your organization is interested in a tailor-made web seminar, please let us know at

France’s largest science catalog adds Mendeley import button

We are very happy to announce that CAT.INIST, one of Europe’s largest scientific research catalogs, has added Mendeley’s ‘easy import button’ to its article pages. CAT INIST joins the Public Library of Science (PLoS) and who have also added Mendeley’s import button to their article pages.

CNRS, “Centre National del la Recherche Scientifique” (the French National Research Institute), provides research articles and information for scientists and academics Europe-wide. The cooperation now allows users to quickly import articles to their Mendeley online library.

“CAT.INIST (established in 1973) hosts a collection of 15 million bibliographic records, held in the CNRS in Paris. The catalog provides research articles in the fields of Science, Technology, Medicine, Humanities and the Social Sciences.”

Additionally, by installing Mendeley’s Web Importer into your browser, you can easily import articles from many other databases as well, such as Google Scholar, PubMed, IEEE, ISI Web of Knowledge, etc. For a complete list of supported websites, have a look at

For more information on CNRS’ catalog visit


Mendeley on a Digital Mission to Texas

Great news! We’ve been picked by Chinwag and the UKTI to don our cowboy boots and Stetson hat before jetting off to the great Lone Star State on a Digital Mission.

“39 of the UK’s leading digital companies have been selected for the second annual Digital Mission to South by South West interactive (SXSWi), taking place in Austin, Texas from 11-17th March 2010. […] The successful companies were chosen from over 120 submissions by an advisory board of industry experts drawn from the UK community including: VC’s, export specialists, journalists and industry pundits to take part in the Digital Mission to SXSWi.”

(You can find the full list of participating companies here.)

There are some great presentations in the line-up at SXSWi, some of the ones we’ll be looking out for include: Can the Real-Time Web be Realized?; Crowd Sourcing Innovative Social Change and Is The Brain The Ultimate Computer Interface?

Digital Mission Union JackWe also hope to swot up on doing business in the US (not by watching re-runs of Dallas) but attending some special events and seminars set up for tech entrepreneurs. SXSWi brings together some of the brightest minds in the tech world and a line up of special programs showcasing websites, video games and start-up ideas. If you are planning to attend, let us know and we’ll be happy to hook up.

A big thanks to Digital Mission for making it possible and we’re looking forward to a great event!

Intruder(s) Alert and Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2010!

The whole Mendeley team would like to thank you for a great year in 2009! And we promise, 2010 will be a really exciting year as well, with great plans and so many cool things in the pipeline…

And as the team arrives back in dribs and drabs following their holidays, here’s one more piece of news we’d like to share with you.

Earlier in December, Jan and Victor were presenting Mendeley at LeWeb ’09 in Paris, and the guys over at took the opportunity to interview them on the latest developments at Mendeley:

Mendeley unpacked

IMG_0446Last Friday we finally moved to our new office, just a few blocks down the road. That’s 4,905 sq.ft. of pure leg freedom (or 455m² to you metric people out there). Turned out the hardest part of the relocation was disentangling the team members, who have been piling up over the last few months, as Mendeley grows and grows.

Fitting all these people in our old 1,090 sq.ft. office had become quite difficult: Alright, place the new designer over here, seat the new data mining experts over there, cram in a bunch of developers in that corner and don’t forget to fill up any remaining space with interns.


Single-handedly, our very own Captain Cindy managed the whole relocation process within a mere matter of hours. Lured by corporate pizza, the whole Mendeley team pitched in highly motivated. Some ha-ha-funny guys even volunteered to carry the wireless network cables!

OuIMG_0445r new neighbours kindly hosted a nice house warming party last Thursday. A big “Thank you” to the friendly people at IDEO and we happily accept your table soccer challenge.

Let’s hope that this time we can stay a little longer than just one and a half years.

You’re welcome to have a look:

100,000 users and 8 million articles

In piphilology, one hundred thousand is the current world record for the number of digits of pi memorized by a human being (well, that’s according to Wikipedia). So, as happy as we are at Mendeley to have 100,000 users onboard, we regret to say that it is now beyond our limits for us to remember every single user on our site (but good to see that you keep on writing and helping to improve Mendeley). In the same week we crossed a second milestone of 8 million research articles uploaded to our database in less than a year. Currently Mendeley’s article database continues to expand as researchers, students and scientists from around the world upload, collaborate and share their research using Mendeley. In April 2009 we reached the 1 million article mark, which means the number of articles in our database has doubled in size every ten to twelve weeks. To give a little context: the world’s largest online research database by Thomson Reuters took 49 years to reach 40 million articles.

A big thank you to Techcrunch’s Sean O’Hear who wrote: “Mendeley could be the largest online research paper database by early 2010” and James Glick from The Next Web who wrote: “Mendeley ‘the of research’ hits new heights”.

And congratulations to our growing community of users!

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Image by Jorel314