2 New Reasons to Love Mendeley on your mobile


Did you know you can access your Mendeley library on your mobile and tablet? I often ask users, like yourself, this question and more often than not, people are surprised. Once in a while, someone tells me they would love to use our app, but are concerned about using too much storage space. When you try Mendeley for your mobile, you will discover you don’t have to worry about this. You choose what PDFs you keep on your mobile device, and the rest of the library will consist of your metadata only.

We’ve just launched a few exciting new features that make this the perfect time to get the app (if you don’t have it yet!).

Suggested Articles

When a friend or colleague tells you about that amazing new paper you absolutely must read, I hope the first thing you do is add it to your Mendeley library. Staying on top of new (and established) research in your field is tough, with so much being published every day. Our Mendeley mobile apps want to work alongside your friends, and also recommend content that you might be interested in. We’ve launched Mendeley Suggest on both Android and iOS, and this is where you can browse recommended articles that are based on the contents of your library. User feedback is incredibly important to us as we continue developing these features, so let us know what you’d like to see in the future!

Mendeley Profile

You go to conferences to absorb new knowledge, see what is happening in your field, but also to network. Meeting people doing interesting research doesn’t end there, and with your Mendeley Profile you can open the door to meeting more of those people. We’re now making it easier to update vital information on your profile by letting you do it from the mobile apps. It’s always nice to have a face to a name, so take a photo and add it to your Mendeley profile straight from your mobile!


Always improving

We’ve been, and continue to be, very busy in the mobile team. Both the Android and iOS app have seen new features and improvements since being launched. Sometimes these are under the hood, but sometimes they are visual. We’re working on improving our UI and as a consequence, always give you a better experience. If you’ve been using Mendeley on your mobile for a while, you’ll notice we’ve introduced some new colors and an improved navigation menu as well in the last release.

We’re all very proud of these new features and improvements on mobile, but they are just the beginning. We continue to collect feedback and we will continue expanding on these new features and functionalities in upcoming releases. In the mean time, enjoy using Mendeley on your mobile!

Christine is a product manager for mobile, covering iOS and Android apps. She loves all things tech and research, and you can chat with her directly on Twitter @christine_phd