A Rainbow of annotations: Colored highlighting is here!



Your results may be black and white, but your research doesn’t have to be! Mendeley now features the ability to annotate in multiple colors! How many colors? Eight different colors! Create a rainbow of annotations in your PDFs and sticky notes.

Though the bright burst of color is the one you will likely notice first, we’ve also made other changes to your reference manager to make your annotation experience quicker and more intuitive. Menus will appear at your finger tips as texts or annotations are selected, and we also added some organizing capabilities to your Web Library, with the ability to Drag ‘n’ Drop documents and folders into other folders.

The features are live as of now, so if you’re not yet seeing them, be sure you restart your application while connected to the internet, and ensure you have the latest version of Mendeley (iOS 2.90, Desktop 1.16, Android 1.8.2)

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March Advisor of the Month: YOU!

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We asked our global Advisor community to “Show us your corner of the world.” And, boy, did they respond! The pictures poured in from all corners of the globe, from Austria to Taiwan to Cameroon to Brazil to Ghana to Indonesia to India…we could go on!

Our original intent was to pick one and interview them as our Advisor of the Month, but, boy, did that cause some arguments on our team! The pictures and stories behind why our Advisors chose these spots to highlight were so compelling and interesting, we couldn’t choose one. Which is fairly representative of the Mendeley Advisor Program, as there are multiple ways at getting involved.

The Mendeley Advisor community is 3,600+ strong global network, ranging from students to professors in nearly every field. Advisors can choose how they want to participate and the Advisor program is designed to fit around your work schedule – not the other way around. Our Advisors spread the word about Mendeley through one-on-one recommendations to giving presentations to their department or institutes. They help shape Mendeley by participating in User Discovery, or by beta testing.

The corners of the world highlighted by our Advisors show the global diversity and reach of the Mendeley network. Like Muhammad Sholahuddin from Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta in Indonesia, who is pictured with a local landmark that represents being an “umbrella” to ordinary people.

Or Librarian Mary Lister, from Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town pictured in front of Table Mountain one of the seven modern wonders of the world, and the former Breakwater Jail which now houses the Graduate School of Business.

We loved the creativity shown by Henry Dilong Meriki and his colleagues at the University of Buea in Cameroon, who printed out their own Mendeley badges and stood in front of the flag of their country flying high over their campus, where they study drug resistance in HIV and Tuberculosis.

Beatriz Benitez Juan, a librarian at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Spain, highlighted the unique Catalonian culture in her picture, where she is dwarfed by a tower, or castell, of students.

And we felt the calm beauty of Kassel, Germany in Adrian Calma‘s beautiful portrait with his Mendeley bag in front of the Hercules Monument in Bergpark Wilhelmhöhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We wondered if, while waiting for his tram, he was using Mendeley’s iOS or Android apps to stay on top of his research!

So take a peek at our favourite photos in the above slideshow, and Show us YOUR Corner of the World here in the comments, or on Facebook, or on Twitter. Want to know more about the Advisor Program? Visit our Mendeley Advisor Program page to learn more and apply for the program.

Can Mendeley help you find your next job?

Jobs Home

Finding the right job is important to build your expertise, further your research and get the exposure you need to develop your career. And job listings are not always about finding your next position, but keeping up-to-date in your field, or across disciplines.

Mendeley is partnering with our sister company, New Scientist, to provide jobs information to our community. The jobs board points to thousands of science job opportunities with commercial companies, research institutes and universities and more. You can find a link to Jobs at Mendeley at the top of your Newsfeed.

Actively search for your next position by signing up for email alerts tailored to your desired position, location, and topic areas. You can also upload your CV and let recruiters and jobs come to you.

We are interested to learn from you about your interest in seeking job and funding opportunities via the Mendeley network. So whether you’re actively seeking or just keeping your options open, check out these opportunities, and let us know what you think in the comments below!