Mendeley is evolving!

From our founding, we have been working to help researchers save time whilst writing and organizing their documents. Now Mendeley is expanding our role to help researchers with two other important aspects of their professional life: promoting and showcasing their work, as well as understanding and evaluating the impact of their work.

In the coming weeks and months, Mendeley will be rolling out a number of improvements, new features, and entirely new sections of our site that will help researchers with these important professional needs.

Mendeley Profile – your professional public face
We continue to refine the look, feel and functionality of your Profile page. This will make it easier for you to complete your profile, and for others to see your professional interests and achievements, at a glance. Over time this will also make profiles more discoverable.

We are also extremely excited about the upcoming integration between Mendeley and Scopus – the leading scientific bibliographic database. This will give Mendeley users an easy way to access and add curated metadata about millions of publications. By claiming your profile on Scopus, you will be able to import all of your publications at one time, saving you from tedious manual entry.

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Mendeley Stats – see your impact
One of the brand new features that Mendeley will be introducing shortly is the ability for you to see statistics on your published articles, to help you understand and evaluate the impact of your published work. If you are a published author, Mendeley Stats will allow you to see a number of metrics that will give you a unique, broad picture of how effectively your work is reaching its audience.

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Along with these new features, our data scientists are also hard at work on developing a suite of tools to help you stay up to date with developments in your field, connect you with other researchers who share your interests, and just generally help you sift through the deluge of information to give you insights into what really matters.

So Mendeley is evolving, and these features will improve and increase over time. We believe all of these new options will continue to deliver on our core mission of making life easier for researchers. It’s an exciting time for us, and we welcome your feedback as we push the boundaries of what Mendeley can do for you.