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Mendeley is emerging as a leading source of data on how ideas spread and which academics are the most widely read and influential in their respective fields. At Altmetrics12, a gathering of the leading researchers studying how social networks and the web are changing research, several researchers presented papers examining how Mendeley’s readership data compares with traditional research. This research provides independent third-party validation of Mendeley’s research stats and enables developers to create discovery tools to service the needs of many different types of research consumers. How do you use altmetrics? Take our survey!Read More »

Mendeley Desktop 1.6 Preview

A preview release of Mendeley Desktop 1.6 is available.  Improvements in this release include:

  • A visual refresh on Mac and initial support for ‘Retina’ display Macs.
  • Improved full-screen reading experience on Mac
  • The ability to add page numbers, chapters and other kinds of location within a larger work for individual citations.
  • The ability to suppress author names and add custom prefixes and suffixes for individual citations.
  • Improved compatibility with various proxies in corporate and campus networks.  Mendeley will use the system proxy settings on Mac and Internet Explorer’s settings on Windows.  If you encounter any problems, please let us know in our support forum.
  • When you drag and drop publications to ‘My Publications’, we now make it clearer that the documents will appear on your Mendeley profile and that the PDFs will be downloadable from there.
  • Clearer ‘Getting Started’ steps after installing the Word plugins.
  • Various small improvements to citation formatting.
  • The Filter and QuickShare panes in the lower-left corner can now be hidden when you don’t need them.

If you’d like to test the new release, please download the preview and report any issues in our support forum.  For more screenshots, see this gallery.

Our advisors are doing great work around the world!

Our Mendeley Advisors have been doing great work all around the world. We’d like to recognize them with this post and to let you know that if you have questions about Mendeley, you can reach out to your local advisor for help.

USA:Chris Erdmann

Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) Head Librarian and Mendeley Advisor, Chris Erdmann was kind enough to lend out the super-cool Collaborative Space (complete with Wii) @ the Wolbach Library for a Boston Advisor & Librarian Meet-Up and separately organized a demo for the Institutional Edition with all of Harvard’s key librarians.

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An interview with the founders of PeerJ, an innovative new academic publishing startup.

We’re very excited to announce today the launch of PeerJ, a fascinating new experiment to find an open access business model which improves upon accessibility, submission time, and the peer review mechanism. One reason we’re excited is that Mendeley and PeerJ share quite a bit of common history. Our former research director, Jason Hoyt, is one of the co-founders, and the other co-founder is Pete Binfield, the former publisher of one of our closest publishing allies, PLoS ONE. This development is also exciting in the context of the massive public support of open access and the other publishing startups in this space, such as eLife and F1000 Reports.Read More »