Binary Battle Top 40 Applications – Part 1 of 4

The Mendeley-PLoS Binary Battle to create applications that benefit science is now 30 days in. While more than 1000 developers are now using Mendeley’s APIs, we’re going to mention the 40-or-so official entries into the Binary Battle. This will be a four part series, in which about 10 apps are revealed in each segment. Check back tomorrow for the next 10 apps.

We’ll reveal the Top 10 apps in two weeks. The Top 10 apps will go on to be judged by a panel of experts: Werner Vogels (Amazon CTO), John Wilbanks (VP for Science at Creative Commons), James Powell (Thomson Reuters CTO), Juan Enriquez (Managing Directo of Excel Venture Management), and Tim O’Reilly (Founder of O’Reilly Media).

Winners announced November 30th!

Now, in order of entry received date along with the developer descriptions, here are the first 10 of 40-ish: Read More »

Self-archiving with Mendeley

Keeping with the Open Access week spirit, we’re taking this opportunity to show you how to publicly share your own research on Mendeley. Making it openly available for others to easily access means they are more likely to cite you in their own publications, and also allows your colleagues to build upon your work faster.

When you sign up for a Mendeley user account, a researcher profile is created for you. On this page, along with your name, academic status, and short bio, you will also see a section titled “Publications”. This section is where you can display work you’ve published or perhaps even work that’s not yet published.

So how do you add your publications to that list? Just drop your papers into the My Publications folder in Mendeley Desktop. Let me show you how, step by step.Read More »

Mendeley has been nominated as 'Global Ass Kicker' – Help us win at the Europas!

The Europas are the main European awards for Internet startups, selected by an Advisory board chaired by Mike Butcher from TechCrunch EU & decided by voting from the industry. They’re awarded annually on November 17th, with the winner getting recognition for all their hard work over the past year, as well as a £50,000 convertible loan, so there’s only a short time to vote. Go here and vote for the great startups featured here. We’re at the bottom of the page under the category, “The Europas Hero Award – Kicking Ass Globally From Europe”.


Vote early, vote often!

HOWTO: Use Mendeley to create citations using LaTeX and BibTeX.

[Editor’s Note–We thought you’d like to know: this 2011 post is a bit dated. Find current info on Mendeley’s citation abilities here, and in the Mendeley Guides.]

Multiplatform, free, and powerful. I could be using these terms to describe Mendeley Desktop, but what I’m going to write in this blog post is about something else, something called LaTeX and BibTeX. For those of you that are unfamiliar with LaTeX, it’s:

a high-quality typesetting system; it includes features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation.

And now let me introduce you to BibTeX too:

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Join us for Alternative Metrics and the Future of Open Access, a conversation with Pete Binfield & Jason Hoyt, on 2011-10-27 at 1 PM EDT

Mendeley has some great events lined up for Open Access Week. William Gunn (Head of Academic Outreach) will be speaking at Open Science Summit the weekend of the 22nd, at the PLoS Open Access Week event with Heather Joseph on the 24th, at the UC Davis event on the 25th, and Mendeley NYC is hosting a online webcast with Pete Binfield (Managing Editor, PLoS) and Jason Hoyt (Research Director, Mendeley).

The Mendeley event will be conducted online via WebEx at 1 PM EDT on October 27.

Pete will discuss how the alternative metrics for impact that PLoS provides gives new insight into how OA content is used and shared. Jason will talk about how Mendeley built one of the world’s largest open catalogs of research and why that presents a perfect use case for Open Access.

We will put up a recording of the session afterwards, so check this post or our Youtube channel.

Registration is open until Oct 27

Date: Thursday, Oct 27th 2011
Time: 1:00 PM EDT
Presenter: Pete Binfield and Jason Hoyt

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Join us for Mendeley for Educators, a free instructional session, 2011-10-19 at 10 AM EDT

With the pace of technology today, it’s hard for an educator to keep up with everything you need to know. We can’t help with everything, but if you’ll give us 40 minutes of your time on the 19th, we can at least get you up to speed with Mendeley.

The session will be conducted online via WebEx at 10 AM EDT on October 19. This session is appropriate for all skill levels, including folks with no prior experience. Please download and install Mendeley before the session so if you have any questions you’ll be able to ask them during the event.

We’ll discuss topics such as:
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No time to learn new software? Let us teach you. Join us for Mendeley for Professors on 10-13 at 12 or 1 PM EDT

If you’re like most professors I know, you’d like to keep up with technology, but you just don’t have the time to sit down and spend a few hours learning how to use a new application. We understand. Give us 40 minutes of your time on the 13th and we’ll get you up and running, so you can enjoy the productivity enhancement with minimal time investment.Read More »