Check out academic lectures on Seminar Streams

Seminar streams is a new service that hosts open access lectures and academic talks. They’ve already got some great academic content such as this talk about membrane protein assembly and this one about the inflammation-cancer link via NF-kappa B and HIF. We think open access academic video content is a great addition to what’s available online, joining such efforts as the Journal of Visualized Experiments.

One thing I’d like to see more of from Seminar Streams is a clear indication of which content is available for re-use. Flickr does a good job of this.

Managing your research the modern way: Research together with colleagues using an activity feed

This post is the third post in a series of posts designed to introduce you to the new information organization, discovery, and retrieval concepts in Mendeley. In part 1 we discussed tags and filters and in part 2 we discussed the idea of search as an interface to your research. Today I’d like to talk a little about another feature that has become common to information organization and discovery tools – the activity feed.

The benefits of online research are obviousRead More »

Please read this: granular privacy settings are now available for your Mendeley profile.

Privacy settings can be difficult to understand. We really want to make sure that everyone can easily control what aspects of their Mendeley activity are visible and to whom. Towards that end, we have added more granular privacy settings where you can specify what parts of your profile should be visible to each of three categories: Everyone, My Contacts, Only Me. Shown are the settings you can now choose and below I’ve described how they work. Read More »

Get Excited and Make Things: Mendeley is a research platform

Don't Keep Calm and Carry On

Image via blackbeltjones

The Mendeley API has been public since August and we now have tons of cool projects using the unique social research data available through the Open API. There are plugins for WordPress and Drupal, data mashups like Readermeter, a mobile app for Android(coming soon), and there’s even a basic app that shows papers related to a tweet.
Check out the App Showcase to see some of these and get information on how to use these great tools your fellow academics have created. I’ve put up a page showing the WordPress plugins in action here, and for many of the others, just click through to check them out.

Hey Developers! Want to know how can you get in on all this fun? Just step right over to our shiny new developer portal and you’ll find all you need to get started. Documentation, developer support, and more. How about hacking something together this weekend?

If you just want to show your profile or your group papers on a page, we’ve made that easy for you. Just click the embed button in the about box on the group overview page to get a customized code snippet you can use anywhere you can put HTML, such as profile pages or blog sidebars. To embed your profile, click on My Account and select “Edit My Profile”. On the right, you’ll see the embed option. More details here.

Tune in to "Connecting scholars with information – and unlocking it!" a MacLearning webcast featuring Jan Reichelt

The “social web” has become the nexus of collaboration and discovery, but how supportive are the existing tools at making leads to scientific discovery? Mendeley co-founder, Jan Reichelt, will show Mendeley’s approach to connecting scholars with information and, by doing so, unlocking it. Mendeley is one of the world’s largest research collaboration platforms, with 750,000 researchers and academics and 65 million research papers indexed in Mendeley’s public research catalog.

Audience members can participate by submitting their questions during the webcast.

Join us on Tuesday, February 15 at 10am PST / 1pm EST by pointing your browser to

Webcast ID: MacLearning
Passcode: 379625

Research Gone Social: Leveraging the Web to Advance Scientific Discovery #smwresearch

Social Media Week

Think of all of the ways you connect with others and discover new information online. How many of those platforms do you use for research? How do you keep up with the speed and amount of research that’s being created, discovered, and disseminated? How can we apply the implications of today’s open and real-time research to advance scientific discovery?

As part of Social Media Week, Mendeley is hosting an event to address these questions together. Registration is free. Bring friends. Meet new friends.

Let’s get offline and talk about how you, your research, and the web intersect.

Join us at the Google NY headquarters (foursquare id: 15816790) on Tuesday, February 8th at 3-5pm for “Research Gone Social: Leveraging the Web to Advance Scientific Discovery”, a distributed global event featuring more than 7,500 attendees across 200 events.

Please RSVP here and include the #smwresearch #smw11 #smwnyc hashtag for posts, tweets, pictures, etc.

Speakers include:

Chris Wiggins, HackNY co-founder, Associate Professor of Applied Math at Columbia University
Gabriel Willow
, Urban ecologist, Science & Learning Specialist at theWildLab
Margaret Smith
, Librarian for Physical Sciences at New York University
Jan Reichelt
, Mendeley co-founder