New Web Release – Search Edition. Group search, better OA search and more!

This week’s update to Mendeley Web has a some search enhancements that should make it a little easier to find things on Mendeley Web. The main addition is search for groups. Now that we have over 50,000 groups created by people sharing research on a topic with their colleagues, publishing curated lists, or just having a bit of fun, finding groups by invitation or through your contacts’ profiles isn’t quite enough.Read More »

New citation editor for Windows Word plugin

Last week we uploaded a development preview of Mendeley Desktop, which isn’t as stable as the proper release but allows adventurous users to try out the latest features. You can download it from the bottom half of: And please, restart Mendeley Desktop after installing as the Word plugin doesn’t work when run from the installer (we will fix this!)

It includes a cool new citation feature for the Word plugin which makes adding and removing references much simpler. Eventually we will get it working on OpenOffice and on Mac Word, but first we’d like you Windows users to let us know how it works for you. Here’s the low down:Read More »

Academic SEO – Market (And Publish) or Perish

We held another Mendeley Open Office on Friday, November 26, 2010. Trying something new, we are now doing talks. And as promised, here is the talk I gave on increasing the visibility of your research. I’ve added speech bubbles to the slides to give some of them more context in case you were not here to listen to it live. I also added a little more information that wasn’t on a few of the slides on the actual evening. This was a Friday evening talk, with dozens of people happily enjoying beverages and mingling, so needed to be kept short.

One thing that is important to point out is that improving your career means marketing it, just like you would take a grant writing course to improve your odds of funding. Some people might look down on this; they’ll be the first to be left behind in a world where finding the needle in a haystack of millions of research articles is more and more dependent upon academic search engines such as Mendeley, Google Scholar, or PubMed. This is becoming known as ‘Academic SEO’ and is a variant of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. And just like regular SEO, there are expected methods you should be doing to get your content indexed. There are of course things that you shouldn’t do, and that’s where we need to start drawing the line and is a discussion for another time.

If you are having trouble reading some of the text, then click on the menu and ‘View Fullscreen’ option.

Jason Hoyt is Chief Scientist & VP of R&D at Mendeley. Where, among other projects, he oversees the indexing of content and the search/recommendation engines. Follow him on twitter @jasonHoyt

Our Office Is Warm!

To everyone who came out to our Office Event: a special thanks for braving the cold and warming us up.

We met lots of fun and interesting people from NYU, Columbia, SPARC, New York Academy of Sciences,  American Museum of Natural History and a few twitter invites. The night started with yummy food and delicious drink. Then Jan talked about Mendeley’s journey from an idea between friends to a research network that spans the globe. Our guests made their way over to our trivia wall for a bit of fun and before we knew it the night was over.

On behalf of the NY Team, thanks for a  great night. So great that we’re hosting more in the future. If you have any ideas about what we should do or who we should invite, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re looking forward to it!

Warm up our NY Mendeley Office

Mendeley is now settled in our new office space in New York. We are hosting an Office Warming & Open Science Event this Friday November 19th from 6-9pm. We want to invite neighbors and colleagues – if you are interested in Mendeley and the future of open science we welcome you to join.

The evening will be a chance to share ideas, connect with others and get to know the Mendeley team better. Jan, our Co-Founder, will briefly talk about Mendeley’s journey and give an update on what we hope to achieve. The New York team will also introduce themselves along with good food, tasty drinks and fun activities.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Making a difference in the developing world – Katarlah Taylor from CGIAR

Katarlah Taylor Trainer in the Mendeley Session_Oct. 18, from Flickr, used by permissionEarlier this year, a representative from the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) got in touch with us to see if we could help get their organization started with Mendeley. Of course we agreed and recently we heard from Katarlah Taylor, a Knowledge Management Specialist at the International Food Policy Research Institute about how what we’re doing is making a difference to their organization.Read More »

Mendeley Talk on Nov 26th at HQ in London

We would like to invite you to an exciting event:

Mendeley Talks on November 26th 2010 in Central London

Here’s your chance to listen to Jason Hoyt, R&D and Chief Scientist at Mendeley, talk about how you can get your research noticed:

Getting your research noticed on Mendeley, Google, and everywhere else

Ah! So you’ve finally gotten that manuscript through two rounds of revisions and it’s been published! Or perhaps you haven’t published yet, but you’re considering doing a pre-print. So, what are the best practices in getting that post-print noticed? Or how do you ensure that a pre-print will do its job, but not prevent you from getting a peer-reviewed version as well? Come to find out and also learn how Mendeley ranks your papers in its search catalog and recommendation engine. We’ll also discuss whether boundaries should exist in the extent to which one should promote their research.

Afterwards, you will get the chance to have some fantastic Feuerzangenbowle and chat with Mendeley’s CEO Victor Henning. Otherwise, you can grab a beer and try to beat co-founder Paul Föckler at Foosball.

Of course, this event is completely free, and you are welcome to bring along interested colleagues and friends.

The agenda:
6:30 Drinks and Snacks
7:00 “Getting your research noticed on Mendeley, Google, and everywhere else”, Jason Hoyt
7:30 Open Discussion
7:45 Feuerzangenbowle and Snacks with Foosball and insight to Mendeley
8:30 Official end

November 26th 2010, 6:30 – 8:30pm
144a Clerkenwell Road
White Bear Yard, Ground Floor
London, EC1R 5DF

To RSVP please get back to

With best wishes, and great anticipation,

The Mendeley Team