What your feedback does..

…besides improving the next version of Mendeley: Today I noticed that two particularly nice messages were pinned to the whiteboard in the developer room. So your encouraging comments are definitely noticed and appreciated – thanks!

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4 thoughts on “What your feedback does..

  1. Let me add to the positive feedback then: This must be one of the most useful programs I have yet installed. Thank you! I will be recommending this to all of my colleagues.

  2. I agree with hanli. I’ve already turned several friends on to it, and presented it in a lab meeting.

    I was a little hesitant to give it a go when I saw the early beta numbering, but I’m now in the process of implementing it completely. If this is beta, then Vista is still in alpha (and I use it on all my machines)!

    Any ideas on what the storage caps or prices might be like once the full product is launched? I’d love to see some forums implemented, so users and developers could swap ideas.

  3. Thank you so much, Hanli and Brandon! Your encouraging feedback is really appreciated.

    Brandon: The free storage cap right now is 500 MB per user. As with any free Mendeley feature, this will remain free when we introduce premium services (one of the premium features will be an increased or removed storage cap).

    I honestly can’t tell you yet what the prices will be like (they will probably be decided on early next year), but I can promise that they will be very affordable even for graduade/undergraduate students.

    As for the forums: We will soon switch from our Trac feedback system to a forum on UserVoice (www.uservoice.com), which will enable user discussions, voting for preferred features, and more transparency as to what is requested, planned, or in the process of being implemented.

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