5 August 2009 by Jan

As one of the many requested features from our feedback page, Mendeley Web now supports COinS (ContextObjects in Spans). COinS is an open and easy to use specification for publishing OpenURL bibliographic metadata in HTML. On web pages, embedded COinS can be read and processed by applications.

Also Mendeley’s Web Importer can now identify COinS embedded on other websites. This information can then be easily imported into your Mendeley research library. In addition, a COinS section is embedded in each of our article pages. This means that other bookmarklets can extract and process the information from Mendeley’s article pages.

Addendum: COinS are not only embedded in article pages but also in profile pages (own publications list) and in public collection pages.

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3 Responses to “Mendeley Web now supports COinS”

  1. serengeti Says:

    How can we use it? do you have any example?

  2. Jan Says:

    It allows you to use the Mendeley’s Web Importer to easily grab the correct information from a website (e.g. a library website or an article page) and store it in your library. Mendeley’s Web Importer is now able to identify this information, and Mendeley’s article pages contain COinS as well.

  3. Lisa DeBruine Says:

    I’ve added COinS to my lab’s website. You can try out the importer at this page: http://facelab.org/Publications/abstracts?id=1